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  Mission Statement  

"The mission of Elba High School is to provide a safe learning environment and a diverse curriculum to meet the needs of all students by providing opportunities to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners."



"Elba High School......safely preparing students for success in life."

  About The School  

History of Elba High School

The original Elba High School building
The original Elba High School building

Elba High School was established in the late 1920's. The original location was downtown near the levee and the townsquare. The first building for the elementary school was two story. Though it grew over the years, EHS remained in its original location until March 13, 1990. On that fateful day the entire downtown area was devastated by a terrible flood. The central office, elementary, middle and high schools were destroyed.

After two years of school in a park with mobile units, the school moved to a beautiful new campus just off Alabama 166.

Elba High School is accredited by the Alabama State Department of Education and the Southern Association of Schools and Universities. 

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